School Supply Lists

Each year, Holy Spirit School offers you the option to pre-purchase your school supplies for the upcoming school year. This process will save you both time and money. Due to the Pandemic and knowing that many of our families are facing some financial hardships, this year you will notice we have also tried to reduce the cost of the supplies list even more. We have done so by moving some of the required items to the “optional items” as students may have extra supplies at home that they can use for the new school year. We have also looked at areas where the school itself can support in providing materials to our students.

Parent Letter

*please use the above lists to purchase your own school supplies if you do not wish to pre-purchase.

Some items are not available at stores. If you do not purchase the supplies from Custom School Supplies, the following items are to be purchased from the front office at the school in August/September:

  • Visual Journal ($4.00) for Grades 1,3,4,5, (Two Visual Journals for Grade 6)
  • Backpack zippered pouch ($5.00) Grade 1-6
  • Library bag for Kindergarten ($2.00)


Here are a few simple steps to ensure your child will receive quality, standardized brand name products:

  1. Included in each package is a set of free pre-printed student name labels, so please print your child’s name clearly on the order form.
  2. Online ordering is the only option this year due to the pandemic. Please be sure that all information is filled out correctly and in full so that we can process your order. All prices include GST and shipping.
  3. Ordering after June 15th is (subject to availability) on-line at Custom School Supplies
  4. Other items required by the school (to be provided by parent) include a back pack, lunch kit and pair of indoor shoes.
  5. Grade 5 and 6 students could also benefit from a locker organizer and locker magnets. This year Custom School Supplies has a locker organizer on the optional list to purchase.
  6. A lock for the lockers is required for grade 5 and 6 students. You can purchase your own, purchase as part of the Custom school package or buy one from the front office at the school
  7. The supplies will be packaged and delivered directly to the school and in your child’s classroom on the first day of school.

This is not a mandatory program; however, it is an optional and economical way to purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please contact the front office at 403-500-2065