School History

Holy Spirit turns 25 in 2019…

25 years ago an old schoolhouse was given a second chance, a new beginning, a fresh start. The old Andrew Sibbald Public School was transformed into Holy Spirit Catholic School. A small group of dedicated parents and educators opened the doors to Catholic education in Cochrane and never looked back.

Holy Spirit opened its doors in September 1993 as a K-9 school. Al Campbell was principal, Andra McGinn vice-principal, and Jim Diodati the school board chair. Holy Spirit was both a school and a school board. The following year the Klein government amalgamated our school with Calgary Catholic School District. 

Our school has seen a lot of folks pass through the doors. So many students, staff, parents, and guests have touched us in countless and wonderful ways. Oh if only the walls could talk! At one point, our hallways held over 700 students. By today’s standards that would be breaking fire code! Thankfully, St. Timothy School was built and since then Holy Spirit has been a K-6 school.

The Holy Spirit family has much to be thankful for. We owe it to our founders for establishing Catholic education in Cochrane and we owe it to each other for helping it flourish and evolve. Grateful for a fresh start 25 years ago, we can be proud of what we have become and hopeful for what lies ahead. 

Lori Chomik - teacher